Bodywork Modalities

 BioSync® Somatic Bodywork-An elegant clothes on modality which includes a three step "stroke" of contact, traction and release to re-educate the body and free it from tension, pain and stored trauma. Holistically, this work is a powerful body/mind treatment to release stored trauma from the soft tissue allowing the person to naturally come into a healthier alignment. Using a special arched massage table which facilitates the work, the therapist works with the "blade" of the forearm and the side of the hand to unwind the tension of the soft tissue. BioSync® is deep work facilitated by Qi (energy) that can be successfully done with light to strong pressure according to the client's preference.

Jin Shin Acupressure- A light touch, clothed, very meditative but powerful form of acupressure that uses all the same "points" and energy channels as Acupuncture but with a calm finger contact instead of needles. Based on the clients concerns, "formulas" are chosen that will best serve to address them. Using a Traditional Chinese Medicine assessment is also a way to illuminate which formulas to use. Jin Shin Formulas can take from 5 to 60 minutes and are great for people who always wanted to try Acupuncture but don't like the needles.

Shiatsu- Full Body Shiatsu is a holistic health care involving pressure on acupoints in a prescribed form or "Kata". This Kata follows the path of the 14 meridians or energy channels as taught in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Shiatsu is done fully clothed and on the arms, legs, back, neck and head. With client permission abdominal shiatsu is offered in the session as well. Abdominal shiatsu can be an effective way to release emotional trauma from the body/mind matrix.

Foot Reflexology- The good old foot massage with intention. That intention is to heal other parts of the body through the stimulation of specific regions on the foot- top and sole and ankle too. Specific areas have been mapped out on the foot that "reflex" or stimulate to heal other parts of your anatomy. Sinuses, lungs, adrenal glands plus many other things can be positively impacted through reflexology. This treatment often starts with a foot bath & foot scrub. Tailored to the client's needs, this is an extremely relaxing treatment and is often done in combination with other modalities to great effect.

Tsubo Therapy- Think of Tsubo as another modality that uses the acupoints located on the 14 main meridians as described in TCM. As with Shiatsu, the pressure used is stronger here and the treatments are done in specific formulas to address concerns. In addition to holding specific points, the area on and around these acupoints is energized with techniques like vibration, tapping and soft kneading. The overall effect is to balance the energy which in turn restores the person's health and well being.

Assisted Stretching- A very yogic approach to stretch, this work can be relaxing and rejuvenating all at the same time. Using some yoga postures and conscious, mindful assistance, we bring you to a "set point" (set point is the usual limit of your flexibility) and then you breath your way to increase your flexibility. The neurological component to this work is that it re-sets your brains image to the new level of flexibility. This can be a very liberating experience on all levels. Yoga attire works for this modality.


Raindrop Technique- Essential Oils derived from nine different plants are applied to the shoulders, spine, back and the sole's of the feet to rejuvenate and heal the nervous system and relax the mind. Native American teachings tell of plant medicine, concentrated in a very pure form as essential oils, as powerful healing tools we can use. This treatment is done face down without clothes on the torso and feet. Special care is given to draping using towels for modesty's sake. Some oil is used to dilute the stronger E.O.'s but the process ends with a hot, wet towel on the back and a towel off of any left over oil at the end.

Integrated Massage- As the title implies this is where two or more modalities are combined in the same session to address multiple client concerns. For most people, this is the most satisfying treatment. If we do the initial assessment well, an Integrated treatment has the potential to address all your concerns.